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         Performing ARTS & HEALTH Programmes available

Programme guide

Our arts and health activities can form part of a learners study programme offering valuable additionality to post 16 SEN students. They can also be an alternative to social and further education provision for learners leaving college.


Fee based programmes can be funded through either a young persons education and health care plan, or direct payments/personal budget. You can find out more about this from your schools transitions officer or your local social work team.

For further information or to book a place please contact Kelly. 



Dance Outreach

We deliver arts based participatory and learning projects in local SEND schools and colleges with young people. The projects are usually 10 weeks and provide opportunities for young people to create and perform artistic work.


Take part in: Fun, creative classes that introduce learners to dance technique and choreography. Learners are encouraged to be creative and work towards creating a performance piece.


Age range: 12 - 24


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Contemporary Dance +
Youth Dance

Our Contemporary Dance Class is open to young people who enjoy dance.

Liberdade Youth Dance is for young people who have participated in Outreach projects and want to continue their interest outside of school. 


Take part in: Weekly dance technique classes with learners from local SEND schools and colleges who are committed to developing their skills.

Participants in Youth Dance will create higher level performance work.


Age range: 16 - 24

Contemporary Dance Class.  Wednesday  4 - 5pm  |  £6 per session

Liberdade Youth Dance.         Wednesday  5 - 6pm  |  Free  |  Invite only  

Skills Development

This programme is for young people who have participated in Liberdade Youth Dance and want to develop further. It is also for school and college leavers who have participated in dance elsewhere.


Take part in: Dance technique class - We train our bodies in strength and flexibility, develop our coordination and discipline. 

Creative tasks – We learn to use our bodies to express narrative, feelings and emotions, working together as a team. 

Choreography – Make group decisions about themes and narrative to develop a project. Take direction, input ideas and give direction. 


Age range: 18 – 30 

Thursday  10am – 3pm  |  Max: 12  |  2 years  |  Fee based



Performance Ensemble

This programme is for young people who have completed the Skills Development programme have shown commitment and potential to further their performance career. 


Take part in: Professional level classes in technique, creative tasks and choreography. Opportunities to tour work and represent the company at national performances.


Age range: 20+ 

Tuesday  10am – 3pm  |   Max:12  |  Fee based  |  Invite only  


Health and Wellbeing


These programmes are designed to support participants to lead a healthy lifestyle. Trying to change our eating and exercise behaviours isn’t easy, but it helps when you do it in a fun and engaging way with support and encouragement from others. 


This is what we do:

Find the right balance for you - Learn that it’s all about how well and often 

we move compared to how much and what we eat.

Learn about food - Discover why what we eat affects how good or bad we feel. Find ways to make our favourite meals healthier. 

Explore new ways to get and keep fit  - Take part in fun team games, sports 

and dance. Use local facilities to try new activities and work with fitness professionals.

Set personal goals - Learn tips on how to set and achieve your own goals.

Meditation and emotional well-being - Build skills to manage your stress, increasing self-awareness, focusing on the present and reduce negative emotions.


Age range: 18 – 30  |  Wednesday 10am – 3pm  |  Max: 12  |  Fee based               Age range: 30+  |  Thursday  10am – 3pm  |  Max: 12  |  Fee based


Liberdade Platform Events

Participants on all ARTS programmes are provided with opportunities to show their performance work at Liberdade platform events:

•    Freedom Moving at Dance City

•    Engage at GCT

GCT Gaming Social

Our super-relaxed gaming social is somewhere where everybody is welcome to come along, game, play, and socialise through their love and passion for all things video game.


Tuesday 5:30 - 8pm |  Free  

Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult


About us

We are Liberdade. Our organisation started in 2003 as an apprenticeship scheme with the aim of enabling a group of people with learning disabilities to set up and run their own physical theatre company.  

As a company we made some decisions about what we wanted our organisation to achieve. They were:

1. To give young people the same opportunities that we had.

2. Run a building of our own so we could invite the community in.

3. Have jobs in that building.

4. Have more opportunities to perform.

To help us to achieve these goals we opened Gosforth Civic Theatre in 2016. The theatre is a vibrant cultural place that aims to bring people together. We host  theatre, music and dance performances for everyone to enjoy. In 2019 we ran 900 activities and events and had 50,000 visits to the building.

Our Mission

To raise everyone's expectation's about what people with learning disabilities achieve.

We do this in two different ways:

1.    We run our arts and health programmes and provide opportunities to perform. 

2.    We provide training, volunteering and work opportunities in our cafe and at events at Gosforth Civic Theatre. 

People come to Liberdade to work, learn and perform, but mostly, to belong. 


Key Benefits

Our programmes help young people to develop their confidence, improve their social skills, raise their self esteem and become more independent. We achieve this by creating opportunities for everyone to work as part of a team. People take on responsibility, learn to rely on each other build trust and form friendships.

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