We need places where people can come together

In August 2016 we screened Ken Loach’s documentary ‘The Spirit of 45’ to a sell out audience. The event included a Q&A afterwards with the award winning director himself. We managed to get an interview with Ken where our very own Liberdade company member David Osborne asked him a few questions. Here's a clip from that interview. Interview transcript. David - "Traditionally people have provided a place for people with learning disabilities to go, at Gosforth Civic Theatre people with learning disabilities are providing a place for everyone to come together, this has a very similar theme to your film tonight, can you you tell us what you think about that?" Ken - "It’s an important message that

North East Inclusive Dance Network

Who we are... The North East Inclusive Dance Network (NEIDN) is an initiative bringing together like-minded artists, practitioners and organisations who are interested in supporting and developing dance for and with people with a disability and in recent years with a particular focus on those with a learning disability. Initially formed in 2013, the network explores how as a community we can connect together to share practice and opportunities as well as share potential stands of activity to raise the networks profile and address it’s core aim. The vision of the North East Inclusive Dance Network is to signpost/enable opportunities for all individuals with a disability to engage with, experi