There’s something about the place, it’s got a special vibe, which sounds very 1960s, but it has.

Do is a local resident of Gosforth and Liberdade Volunteer. This is the transcript from an interview we did with her to find out why she decided to volunteer and what she thinks about Liberdade a year on. So, can you tell us bit about how you came to volunteer with Liberdade? I volunteered for liberdade almost by chance. I had just moved to Newcastle, just moved to Gosforth, and saw a huge sign outside that said Gosforth theatre and so I was intrigued by that, since I’ve been involved in community theatre and so on, so I literally walked in and said ‘’who’s looking after this place’’ and left my name with Tim I think, behind the counter in the café… or Joseph… one of them, and said ‘’ are yo