Why Gaming is Socially Important

I’m not actually that good at playing video games. Of all the games I played in my life I’ve only finished about 10 games. This does not mean I do not enjoy playing games; I love playing games! The reason I play video games is because I can lose myself in the worlds they create. Games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy 17 and Mass Effect drop me into a world of memorable people, places to explore and monsters to fight. You get to be the hero of the story and do what ever you like, save the world, steal all the items in a man's home or speed across the stars in your own spaceship. I also play Minecraft so I can create my own world. The reason this is important, in my opinion, is that people need an e

Bringing people together through storytelling.

For millions of years all cultures across the world have used storytelling to share life experiences and express themselves. Using creative forms through history from the earliest cave drawings through to Snap Chat. Whether through art, literature, music or theatre, storytelling has been an important part of our social and cultural development. Chin Wag was an exciting project that ran from Autumn 2017 to Spring 2018. The project brought together diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds and invited them to take part in exciting practical workshops exploring story-telling and story sharing and making connections with others within the community. Lead by professional artist’s participants ex