Ubisoft Gaming School 2018

Over the last five days nineteen young people aged 14-17 got to meet and work with world leading games developers to create their own video games from scratch. I sat down with CJ and Ben from Ubisoft Reflections to find out what went on, why they do it and the difference it has made being at Gosforth Civic Theatre. CJ - “Yves Guillemot who established Ubisoft is very passionate about giving everybody the opportunity to play. He thinks play and giving people the opportunity to play who may not otherwise have the opportunity to play, is incredibly important.” CJ spends a lot of time with the executive management team because she has an insight into what’s going on in the teams. CJ - “I am tec

Lights, Sound and Taco's

Students Ellie and Jake on work placement at Gosforth Civic Theatre this summer. As is the Liberdade way we gave them lots of different opportunities, the time to find their way and show what they could do. They got involved with Liberdade groups, setting up sound and visuals, putting posters up and flyering, and generally being really hands on. It’s been great to have them on board and hopefully the experience inspires them to start a career that’s a rewarding one. Plus some tacos on their last day wasn't a bad way to end the week! Here's what Ellie had to say about her experience. 'My time at Liberdade' On my first day I was unsure what to expect, I’d never been in a working theatrical env