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Making History.

School and College Outreach Programme

For students aged 16-25

April - July 2016

A unique opportunity for students going through transition to work with professionals to create and develop a dance/physical theatre performance.  


We use dance and physical theatre as a means to explore the students syllabus which would enable us and the students to create performance. 


We are offering schools upto 12 fun fully inclusive sessions to work with an artist.

The sessions will include team building activities, movement/dance and creative activities.

Performance work could be shared with a public or private audience or though film.


Sessions will need teacher/TA support within classes at all times

Maximum 12 participants

Suitable clear space to work in 


We have capacity to work with a limited number of schools in the region. 


If you’re interested in finding out more information please contact Kelly (07854434496) or Donna (07879962692) 





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