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ARTS CHOICE research.

Liberdade was involved in delivering ARTS CHOICE, a pilot project in Newcastle from September 2010 to May 2011 that worked with families and carers, artists and venues and Newcastle City Council to explore models to overcome this risk; with the aim of making arts activities across the city available to all young people in the short to medium term and to help with understanding of the barriers.

Arts choice is linked in 'Demystifying access' - Unlimited Impact.

The law requires that no one is excluded from accessing public services and demands reasonable adjustments to be made in order to ensure this – so it is our job as performance makers to think ahead and not discriminate! But who is responsible to ensure this? The receiving venue? The artists? The producer? The funder?

This guide offers tools and examples to empower artists and producers to remove barriers and to make their work more accessible, as it is only with investment from all parties involved that progress can be made.

This guide offers some simple solutions for under-resourced small-to-middle scale performing arts producers and makers whose work is not yet fully inclusive and accessible to disabled people. This is a working document which aims to evolve over time.

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