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"... but mostly people come here to belong."

Liberdade has a soul, it cares for people and pushes them to excel, it always goes above a beyond and doesn’t know the meaning of can't. People come to Liberdade to work, to train others, to expel old misconceptions but mostly to belong.


“Our daughter Alex has been a member of liberdade from the outset and the benefits she has gained have been fantastic, from forming close friendships with the rest of the company to her confidence and organisational skills she has obtained. She loves performing and dance and there is always something new and exciting to look forward to assisted by the wonderful and caring staff who keep them all fully occupied and on their toes. She is a very happy girl and that is a joy for us as parents to see.”


Mary  White

Physical Theatre


Liberdade believes in using physical theatre and film as a means of exploring the world and as a way of sharing these explorations with others.


Using elements of movement, theatre and dance, physical theatre provides a way of using both the mind and the body. It encourages questioning and debate to promote understanding and radiates energy to inspire.


To showcase the work that Liberdade produces we partnered with Dance City present to present  ‘Freedom Moving’, a platform performance of dance and physical theatre produced by the learning disabled community.



Film is incredibly powerful and versatile. It enables everyone we work with to be able to be involved in producing amazing work. The perfect medium for exploring and sharing ideas.


Film making requires dedication and commitment. It's a great way to demonstrate the motivation and ability of all those involved in a visually entertaining way.





Liberdade @ Dance City 2015.

The Arts.


At Liberdade we use the arts as a tool for change both within our participants and also throughout society as a whole. We don’t just train people to be performers we use the process of performing and being a member of the company as a mechanism for personal and social development.    




















Performing and creating films enables our members to have a collective voice. It instils confidence and creativity, it promotes valuable life and work skills but most importantly its promotes social value.    





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