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We need places where people can come together

In August 2016 we screened Ken Loach’s documentary ‘The Spirit of 45’ to a sell out audience. The event included a Q&A afterwards with the award winning director himself. We managed to get an interview with Ken where our very own Liberdade company member David Osborne asked him a few questions. Here's a clip from that interview.

Interview transcript.

David - "Traditionally people have provided a place for people with learning disabilities to go, at Gosforth Civic Theatre people with learning disabilities are providing a place for everyone to come together, this has a very similar theme to your film tonight, can you you tell us what you think about that?"

Ken - "It’s an important message that, there are places where people can come together, can share their jokes, their stories, what concerns them, discuss the way the world is. We are social animals, we need places to meet, to talk, to have a drink, to have a laugh. This looks like a good place where people can be that.”

1945 was a pivotal year in British history. The unity that carried Britain through the war allied to the bitter memories of the inter-war years led to a vision of a better society. The spirit of the age was to be our brother’s and our sister’s keeper. Director Ken Loach has used film from Britain’s regional and national archives, alongside sound recordings and contemporary interviews to create a rich political and social narrative. The Spirit of ‘45 hopes to illuminate and celebrate a period of unprecedented community spirit in the UK, the impact of which endured for many years and which may yet be rediscovered today.

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