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Let me tell you about this building.

“Well aside’s from the free cups of tea, I’ve had the chance to work with some really open minded people. It’s really made a difference.”

Robert Craig – work placement trainee.

Robert was on a work placement with Liberdade via Project Choice and we found out that he really liked making youtube videos. So, when we were asked by Connextions (a careers information, advice and guidance service for young people) to create a short film to explain what we do here at Gosforth Civic to show at a conference for SEND staff to be held at Gosforth Civic we put the idea to Robert and he was well up for the challenge.

"This is my filmmaking mentor John Tilley. He's dead now. No.. wait he's still alive." - Robert Craig.

We didn't have much time but but as it turned out that actually helped us make this great film. We used this scene;

‘Let me tell you about my boat’ (from Steve Zizous’s Motion Picture ‘Life Aquatic’ as a template and made it relevant to our story. It worked out pretty well.

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