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Liberate DRAMA


We use drama and theatre as a way to be creative and inspire individuals and groups. It's an incredibly rewarding process for all involved. 




The seeds of stories and characters emerge from the imaginations of our participants.

Their is great importance placed in questioning the world around us and being allowed to form valued opinions.




It's about encouraging participants to see any work created as “Theirs”. The emphasis is on developing ownership and empowerment in the work that is created, promoting 

confidence and belonging.




The development of performance and drama skills can be transferable to everyday life.




“I feel Ryan is very lucky to be able to come to Liberdade. He gets to learn all kinds of skills that he would not otherwise get the chance to do.

He is very fond of everyone and everyone goes out their way for him.

It’s all fantastic for Ryan as he gets the social interaction with people that he meets on a regular basis.

These guys do a great job.”


Ryan's Mum


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